EFNY Snake

“A Little Human Compassion”: John Carpenter’s ‘Escape from New York’ as Anti-Fascist Satire

By K.E. Roberts

John Carpenter wrote the original script for Escape from New York (1981) in 1974, inspired by Death Wish, Michael Winner’s film from the same year—specifically its seedy portrayal of New York “as a kind of jungle.” Both Death Wish and Escape from New York did extremely well commercially and launched their respective genres, the citizen vigilante film and the dystopian actioner…


A Great Disturbance in the Goth: The Unexpected Brilliance of Warning

By Richard McKenna

Upon first coming across them, it is barely possible to believe that Warning is not simply a superhumanly dexterous hoax, so perfectly engineered do they seem for the purposes of titillating the psychological taste buds of anyone who grew up in the incipient Star Wars era nurturing an unsophisticated love of horror, the occult, cosmic electronica, and sci-fi…

Atari Basic Featured

Adventures in Atari BASIC: Lesson One – Programmer Kids and Plotting Stars

By Michael Walters

When someone chooses a computer to purchase today, they usually consider only what the computer can do based on available software. They’re thinking about what games they can play, what kinds of entertainment media they can enjoy, and how fast they can access the web. But in the 8-bit home computer boom of the late 1970s and early 1980s, choosing a new computer was based largely on what kind of software you wanted to create yourself…