Bob Newhart Waits in Line for ‘Star Wars’, 1977

Exhibit / October 19, 2016

newhart-star-wars-1977Object Name: Still frame from The Bob Newhart Show
Maker and Year: MTM Enterprises and the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS), 1977
Object Type: Still frame/television scene
Description: (Brother Bill)

The impact the original Star Wars had on the pop cultural landscape was so huge that it created ripples reaching to the most unexpected corners. On October 22, 1977, one of those ripples influenced the course of an episode (season six’s “Carlin’s New Suit“) of sitcom The Bob Newhart Show, in which we find Bob (Bob Newhart), Howard (Bill Daily), Mr. Carlin (Jack Riley), and his adopted son Billy (Sparky Marcus) waiting in a long line to see Star Wars, six months after it initially premiered. “You’re gonna like Star Wars, Billy,” Carlin assures Billy. “It will give you some idea of what your father goes through every day in the real estate business.”

4 thoughts on “Bob Newhart Waits in Line for ‘Star Wars’, 1977

  1. lol. Great shot. I still trip out on how resilient the original SW trilogy (Episodes 4-6) has been over the decades. Can you imagine—it’s gonna be the 40th anniversary of SW next year!

    I’m not the biggest SW geek out there, but that didn’t keep me from jumping out of my seat and cheering when they showed the Millennium Falcon in The Force Awakens. Unfortunately (and surprisingly, being that there were a few other Gen-X dads out there), I seemed to be the only one in the theater that night that was that enthusiastic. lol

  2. I still have my original poster from ’77 and the theatre ticket too! Me, my two sisters and my folks all got in for $11.50 then! Look at theatre prices now eh? Had to laminate the poster to protect it from being destroyed. It’s brilliant. Great memory lane trip. Cheers from Canada!

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